Mobile Apps Developed by Tony Newell

Cooper's Pack Seattle

Follow Cooper as he explores Seattle, the Emerald City, with his friend Elliott the Otter.

Working with Coopers Pack Publishing, I helped design and developed an interactive book reader app for iOS devices. The book reader framework can be used for other titles rich in graphic content.

Cooper's Pack Seattle Lite version

The lite version of the app is free to download and has several pages from the full book so you can explore a sample of the Cooper's Pack Travel Guides

Cooper's Pack Alaska

Cooper visits Southeast Alaska with the help of his new friend and tour guide, Kodi the Moose.

Cooper's Pack New York City

Cooper lands in the Big Apple to see his old friend, Phinney the Bear.

The Alchemical Tarot

The official Alchemical Tarot app in partnership with Robert M. Place. This app is built with the Tarot App framework that I designed and developed.

Legacy of the Divine Tarot

In 2010 Tony Newell teamed with Ciro Marchetti to bring the Legacy of the Divine Tarot to iOS devices. With Ciro as the magical artist, and me on the programming side, we built an application that we believe is the best Tarot app for iOS available.

Tarot of Dreams

Working again with artist Ciro Marchetti, we built on the success of the Legacy Tarot App and brought to life his Tarot of Dreams App

Tarot in Hand

In 2011 I finally finished one of my dream apps. A Tarot app that is a framework for working with Tarot Deck Artists. That app is Tarot In Hand. It features Rider Waite Smith artwork originally published in 1909. The application is a template in a fashion that it easily allows building a new app with a different set of artwork.

Tarot Spreads

Tarot Spreads, was designed by Tarot readers and teachers Nancy Hendrickson and Fredrick P. West. Now, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users can choose the perfect spread to use alongside any Tarot deck. Working with Nancy and Fred, I designed the app interface, navigation, content display, and animations inside the app.

ORO Editions

ORO ├ęditions is a boutique publishing and media company specializing in book on architecture, design, photography and related disciplines. Together with ORO's designers we built a catalog app for iOS devices that highlights book from their published catalog. Featuring high resolution graphics that you can really zoom into and most importantly, direct links to purchase hard bound and digital editions of the books.

Working with a software startup in the Seattle area I helped develop an evolution to their iOS app. In particular, I designed an image list in a style inspired by Pinterest to display images of items for sales in their marketplace. Data driven from a server side API with asynchronous image downloads it has great visual interest and a good feel.